Preview: Victoria Wood’s ‘A Nice Cup of Tea’

Victoria Wood

Victoria Wood takes us on a trip to the Far East to explore our obsession with tea (Photo: MAG | Flickr – used under a CC licence)

When I saw the BBC1 trailer for comedian Victoria Wood’s two-part programme ‘A Nice Cup of Tea’ I was just a little bit excited.

A primetime show all about tea; its history and an exploration of why us Brits love it so much – what could be better for tea lovers? Answers on a postcard please.

Victoria Wood is one of the UK’s most well know comediennes, and she obviously likes her tea. She starts the show by taking us on a trip to Shanghai, China’s national tea museum – surely England needs one of those?! – taking in tea pickers and grumpy elephants on the way. She also visits India and learns how the humble tea leaf brought East and West together.

“It’s fascinating to observe both the art and science of tea from its cultivation to its consumption” Time Out review

In episode two, to be shown on Thursday, Victoria learns some tea etiquette in Harrogate and she visits the home of the teabag – New York – as well as taking tea with singer Morrissey and Irish comedian Graham Norton.

And with the addition of actor Matt Smith from that other British institution Doctor Who, ‘A Nice Cup of Tea’ is set to be a true exploration of our obsession with the camellia sinensis plant.

A Nice Cup of Tea airs at 9pm this Wednesday, on BBC1.

Here’s a taster of the programme, with The Doctor Matt Smith talking about why he loves tea so much:

Will you be watching the programme? Leave a comment below.

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3 responses

  1. I welcome this initiative and this program because it brings forward in a very interesting way the history of tea and the way tea was integrated in culture, rituals and old ceremonies.

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